Welcome Wahoos!

NOTE:  All dates tentative for now.

2017 Practice Calendar

NOTE: All 2017 dates and times are a work in progress. Be sure to check back for the most current updates. TBD indicates To Be Determined.

Arrive 15 minutes prior for dry land activities.

April 5 – Afternoon practice starts (MONDAY-THURSDAY and SATURDAY morning)


Pre-team – No afternoon practice

  • Ages 6&U 3:45 stretch Swim 3:55-4:20
  • Ages 8&U   4:10 stretch Swim 4:20-4:45
  • Ages 9-11 4:30 stretch Swim 4:45-5:30
  • Ages 12-14 5:15 stretch. Swim 5:30-6:30
  • Ages 15-18 6:15 stretch Swim 6:30-7:30

SATURDAY (Stretch begins 15 minutes before swim times below)

  • Ages 15 -18 7:30-8:30 am
  • Ages 12-14   8:30-9:30 am
  • Ages 9 -11 9:30-10:15 am
  • Ages 4-8 10:15-10:45 am

Morning practice starts MAY 30

Monday – Friday   (Stretch begins 15 minutes before swim times below)

  • Pre-Team — 10:45 to 11:15 AM
  • Ages 6 and under — 10:45 to 11:15 AM
  • Ages 7-8 — 10:15 to 10:45 AM
  • Age 9-10 — 9:15 to 10:15 AM
  • Age 11-13 — 8:00 to 9:15 AM
  • Age 14-18 — 6:30-8:00 AM

2017 events Calendar

Unless noted:

Dual meets start at 6:00pm

Home team warms up at 5:00pm

Away team warms up at 5:30pm

(Be there 15 minutes earlier for dry land stretching)


TBD – usually Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout June

Invitational and Championship Dates

Jun 10 – 9-18 Invitational Meet – Amphi pool

June 17 – Desert Rat Invitational – Amphi pool

June 24 – 8 & under Muppet Meet – Amphi pool

July 19-20 – San Pedro Championships – Amphi pool

Important Dates

TBD – Registration/suit fitting dates

TBD – Registration/suit fitting dates

TBD – Meet Your Team Party

May 13- Officials / Stroke & Turn Clinic @ Udall Pool 9:00am

May 13 – Meet Manager Clinic @ Udall Pool 1:00 pm

TBD – Red/Black Meet

TBD – Team pictures

8:00 am, swimmers at pool by 7:45 am

Individual portraits from 7:00-7:45 am and following team picture until 10:00 am.

TBD – Team Camp Out

TBD – 13-18 Party, 5:30-8:30 pm

TBD – Parent Happy Hour, 6 pm.

TBD – Team Banquet

Swim Team Board

  • MATT TELLER – Co-chair – email
  • CHRIS KELAHER – Co-Chair  – chris.kelaher@gmail.com
  • ED WALTER – Head Coach – email
  • DAN CORMODE – Treasurer – email
  • PATTI MACHELOR – Member – email
  • ROB FOTH – Pool Membership – email

Seasonal Positions – Glossary


Bakers – A team of at least two bakers to provide items to be sold at each home meet. (We ask that you avoid items with frosting).

Pizza orders – This volunteer will call in pizza orders 2 hours prior to each home meet.

Burrito pickup–Burritos need to be picked up at a location to ­be determined by a volunteer prior to each meet.

Ice pickup – Packs of ice need to be picked up at a nearby McDonald’s prior to each meet.

Salad maker – Prior to each meet, a volunteer is needed to prepare both vegetarian and chicken Caesar salads; and to deliver the salads to the snack bar prior to the meet.

Shifts at the snack bar – Several volunteers are needed for each meet to help with snack bar set up, food prep, food sales and clean up.

Ice cream sellers – During each home meet, volunteers are needed to sell items from an ice cream cart.

Costco runner – Prior to each swim meet, a volunteer is needed to pick up a list of items at Costco, and to deliver the items to the snack bar. Items must be purchased at least two days prior, to allow for time to make salads, cook chicken, etc.

Team Banquet

Banquet Coordinator – Coordinate setup, catering, slide show, awards, clean up

Team gift – oversee collection and distribution to coaches at team banquet

Awards – coordinate with Coach Ed and purchase awards


Team Pictures – assist photographer on picture day collecting order and arranging photo order.

T­shirt Coordinator–take t­shirt order and distribute tshirts to swimmers and family

Gaslight Theater – take ticket orders and assign seating.

Registration Information

Registration Dates

TBD   10a – 12p   Registration at the Pool

TBD     10a – 12p   Registration at the Pool

**New swimmers must bring a copy of birth certificate.**

Volunteer Obligation

All families are required to volunteer five(5) times during the season during a swim meet or in a support capacity. Volunteer descriptions can be found in the “Glossary ” tabs for Seasonal and Meet positions. All families agree to provide a personal check dated 7/19/17 which will be returned at the completion of volunteer obligation. Sign ups for volunteer positions will be available when schedule has been finalized.


Pool Members

1st Swimmer – $180

2nd Swimmer – $170

3rd Swimmer – $160

Non-members – $270 per swimmer

Pre-team – $145

Refund policy, (2.16.2014)

Before first day of practice: All but $25

Before end of second week of practice:   All but $65

Before Red-Black meet: 50%

Afterwards – 0%

Team fee proration

No discount in April

20% discount after May 1

50% discount after June 1

*discount does apply to preteam fees

Ed’s Welcome

Welcome to the Highland Vista Swim Team!

We are excited that you have chosen to be a part of the Highland Vista Swim Team. The HV Swim Team has a long tradition of developing championship level swimmers for over 50 years. We do this by focusing on proper stroke mechanics, technique, motivation, mental preparation, sportsmanship and a love for the sport of swimming. This is accomplished by creating a fun family atmosphere and a team of dedicated coaches that provide the highest quality coaching available.


HV is a member team of the Southern Arizona Aquatic Association. The SAAA is divided into Leagues based on past performance, team size, etc. Highland Vista is in the largest and most competitive league. The San Pedro League


The daily HV practice is where we spend the majority of our time; training, teaching, and preparing our athletes for competition. Although practice is fun, it is primarily a place of training and learning. Therefore we expect all team members and parents to adhere to the following:


Swimmers should arrive to all practices and meets 15 minutes prior to the start of their practice for stretching and dryland exercises.

Swimmers should be prepared to listen to and focus on the coaches’ instructions.

Swimmers will treat their teammates, coaches, parents, officials and other competitors with respect and sportsmanship.

While not in the pool practicing, swimmers shall stay away from the pool deck, baby pool or other areas that are close to the pool edge where distractions can occur.


Refrain from engaging the coaches in lengthy conversations that take their attention from the swimmers in the water.

Remain under the shade of the Ramada and away from the pool deck during practice.

Monitor your child/children while they are in the pool area. Please provide supervision for your children while awaiting their practice time.

Communicate with your coaches regarding any absences, issues or concerns.

Socialize and get to know the other families and have fun!


The coaches will develop all aspects of the practice sessions and be the only ones to provide instruction during the HV practices.

Coaches will make all decisions regarding competition and meet line-ups. This will be based on a swimmer’s times, attendance, ability and other factors. Everyone will not have the same number of meets nor events within meets.

Coaches are happy to discuss all issues, concerns etc, but if they will require a lengthy conversation we appreciate phone calls, e-mails

Coaches are available for individual stroke lessons. Please contact the individual coach to discuss schedules.


All ages:

Competitive goggles – try to avoid cheap, department store goggles

Competitive swim suit (no board shorts, rash guards, or t-shirts)

Cap for all girls and any boys with hair that is to the collar or longer



Need all of the above PLUS

Short blade fins and drag suits

Attendance / Sign Out book

Success and improvement are directly related to the attendance and commitment level of the swimmers. Please attend as many practices as possible

The “Sign-Out Book” is a vital communication link between the families and the coaches. Please use the sign out book to document a planned absence as soon as possible. (Not the day of the Meet)


All of the practice and preparation is to develop the swimmers abilities in order to prepare them for the meets. These dual meets are a chance for us to have fun, cheer for our friends, support each other and determine what we are doing well and where we need to improve. The meet schedule is on the HV website.

Generally Tuesday and Thursday nights

6:00 pm start and they can usually take 3 to 3 ½ hours

Ribbons are distributed the following morning.

Every effort is made to enter swimmers in as many events as possible

Swim Buddies – Assigned at the Red/Black Meet

After home meets we generally go to Baskin-Robbins on Grant and Swan

Invitational Meets:

Invitational meets are offered on Saturdays. These are excellent opportunities for swimmers and their families to compete in ALL EVENTS in the Championship pool. Please plan to attend your invitational. All invitational meets are at Amphitheater HS pool.

Generally start at 8:00 am with a 7:00 am warm up. Usually the meet ends around noon or 1:00 pm

All eligible swimmers will be entered unless sign out in the Sign-Out Book.

After the meet the team usually goes to Fuddruckers on Speedway and Wilmot.


Contact the Coach by phone or leave a note in the Coaches’ Family Folder to arrange lessons

Coach Ed 235-0293

Coach Megan 237-2930

Parent Volunteers:

The coaches teach and train the athletes and prepare them for the meets, but the parents run the out of water aspects of the team. We can’t provide the excellent experience that HV is known for without your help. Parents do everything from ordering apparel to timing to acting as the “Shade Brigade” at invitational meets, setting up the web site, organizing social events etc. Please plan to step up and help out! We need you!!!

Social events: Meet your Team, Red v. Black, iced cream after Home Meets, Camp Out, Happy Hour, 13-18 party, 13-18 breakfast, Gaslight etc. etc.


This is finale of our season and the meet that we focus on throughout our season. We will compete against four other extremely strong teams (JCC, SVH and PR). Please plan to attend this meet since we will need everyone in order to have a chance to place well.

Dates: Prelims = Wednesday 7/19/17 morning, Finals=Thursday 7/20/17 afternoon-evening


all swimmers attend the morning session and attempt to qualify as top 8 to swim in finals

medley relays swim as timed finals = 1 chance

6-unders swim exhibition backstroke and either 8-U breast or fly


the top 8 swimmers from each individual event qualify to swim in finals

all free relays swim as timed finals

6-unders swim exhibition free

Post Championship party

After awards and team awards are presented we return to HV for a end of season pizza party

Goal Buster awards are presented to those swimmers that have set and met four of their goals.

Championship Party Coordinator – Order and take delivery of pizza for post meet party, coordinate setup and break down.


Meet Duties – Glossary

Snack Bar – sells good during meet, include set up and breakdown of snack bar depending on shift.

Set Up – Preparing the pool for competition and spectators. Arrive at 4:30 pm prior to home meet. Set up announcer table and shade. Arrange benches along east side of pool. Barricade baby pool with benches and flagging. Set up data entry tables and seating at north ramada. Empty trash cans. Stock toiletries in restrooms. Set up back stroke flags, starting blocks and lane lines.

Starter – official who gives the signal to begin each race. Controls environment around starting environment to ensure fair start.

PREREQUISITE: Stroke and Turn / Starter / Meet Official Training (May 13 @ Udall Pool)

Announcer­ Works in coordination with Starter announcing each race, competitor(s) and sponsors during course of meet.

Head Timer­ – organizes and provides back time for timing crew, coordinate with starter when timers ready. Assign recorder and relay judge for each lane.

Timer – Captures elapsed time of individual or relay race via stopwatch. Records to time card.

Runner / Waterperson – Gathers time card(s) from timers and delivers to data entry table. Supply water to timers as needed during course of meet at south end of pool.

Stroke/TurnJudge/MeetReferee – responsible for presiding over the meet from a neutral point of view. Ensure and enforce SAAA rules for fair competition.

PREREQUISITE: Stroke and Turn / Starter / Meet Official Training (May 13 @ Udall Pool)

DataEntry­ – Record race results and score even through data entry. Typing swimmer times into computer or reading times to data entry. Ribbons – Affix printer labels to ribbons after each event.

HeatRibbons­ award heat winners of each event at conclusion of each heat.

Programs / Heat Sheets – Pickup heat sheets from printer. Provide copies to snack bar to sell. Prepare coach and race official copies(10). Prepare timer recording sheets. Post heat sheet on east side of bathhouse.

8 & under Round Up – Gather and escort 8 & under swimmers to north end of pool prior to race (usually during 13/14 events). Best served by 6 and 8 under parents.

Clean Up – Restore pool to normal use condition.Replace benches and tables.Break down starter equipment and announcer table. Remove starting blocks, backstroke flags and lane lines. Restock toiletries in restroom. Empty trash and replace liners.


Relay Shepherds – Escort 8 & under relay swimmers to proper lane and order of swim at Championships.



At Least 15 years of age

Possess current Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid Certifications

Email Mandy @ cccdn@cox.net with interest and resume.