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Summer ishere and letting everyone know that we are going to have Summer Swim at HV this year! We are still in the planning stages, but this is what we can tell you so far:

Due to the ongoing challenges of COVID, we will have a season that is similar to what we did last year:

  • Our main focus this season will be on physical training and providing some much needed socialization as we look forward to normalcy sometime soon
  • In-Person meets are extremely unlikely
  • All team practices and functions will follow all USA Swimming, CDC,and Pima County Health Department guidelines and protocols

• This will mean the continued use of masks when not in the pool
• Lmiting the number of swimmers per lane
• Restricting pool admission to coaches, participants and parent volunteers

We plan to start the season after Memorial Day and will conclude training in the middle of July.
We will have training in the morning, with no afternoon sessions.

The SAAA has a meeting soon to continue planning for the summer, and our board will meet soon after that meeting to get all of our details together. We will make updates and provide more specific details as they become available.

We hope everyone is healthy and we are looking forward to another great summer of training so that next summer we can be ready for meets again.

See you at the pool-

Please direct any questions to wahooswim@gmail.com


Fees will be due on Monday, June 1st at practice. Highland Vista Pool members (bond and activity) are $120 and swim team only swimmers are $150 per swimmer. Checks can be made out to HVAC, cash is always welcome, or you can pay by Venmo to Blanca Cepin. Please be aware that these fees are non-refundable. In the event of a shortened season, the prorated portion of fees will be used as a credit for the 2021 swim season.

Please note there will is the possibility of a waitlist. Current guidelines will dictate how many sessions and number of swimmers within each session. We will be in contact via email ASAP with your swimmers status.

We want to thank you for all your patience and understanding as we work to get all our procedures as up to date and safe as possible.

We will be wait listing registrations from today on as we have reached capacity in most training sessions. We will handle placement individually based age and ability.
Please review the content of this page and the practice schedule page.

If you agree, CLICK HERE to register.

HVNA Pool Membership

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COVID restrictions are loosening, but we will still observe the following protocols for the first two weeks. We’ll then reassess as needed.

6 swimmers per lane maximum occupancy

Facility / Operational

1. Signage posting of public health advisories encouraging social distancing and prohibiting symptomatic individuals from entering.

2. Entrance / Exit procedures: 

If your swimmer or anyone in your home is or has been ill STAY HOME!
Only swimmers and session volunteer will be allowed to enter. (A Parent or Adult Guardian could enter IF masked and or separated by 6 ft in their own lawn chair)
Supervised entrance through south gate. 
Foot traffic will flow along the west side of the pool to the volleyball court and await direction from coaches.
At the conclusion of the training session, swimmers will exit to the east side of the pool to be escorted through the gate for pickup.

3. Limited occupancy

Establish appropriate social distancing markings under east ramada. 
Social distancing will be enforced while in the facility
Sanitization of surface areas will be addressed by session volunteer. 
Masks are optional

4. Limited pool occupancy

This year Pima County Health, the CDC and USA Swimming have not recommended a specific number of swimmers per lane. Each facility is implementing the protocols that they feel are reasonable.
We’ve decided that a maximum number of 6 swimmers per lane with 3 at each end with appropriate spacing should be sufficient to safely run swim practice.

5. No Drinking Fountain.

Bring your own water bottles. No sharing water bottles or training equipment. Bathrooms are open as needed. As much as possible, wear your swimsuit to and from practice.

Hopefully, we’ve turned the corner with COVID, but we think it’s best if we continue to be vigilant. The expectations below are what we expect for at least the first two weeks of practice.

Coach Expectations

• Perform self-wellness check prior to practice
• Do not attend practice if ill or family member are ill.
• Use safe sanitation procedures on entrance/exit to facility
• Vaccinated Coaches may conduct their duties without a mask. Unvaccinated Coaches will wear masks when social distancing of 6 feet or more cannot be maintained.
• Appropriate sanitation between sessions

Swimmer Expectations

• Adhere to entrance and exit procedures.
• Maintain social distancing on deck and in pool.
• Wash hands prior to practice
• Do not share equipment
• Do not share food, drinks or towels.
• Cover sneeze or cough with elbow.
• Arrive as close to practice time, exit facility as soon as possible
• Consider 14 day self-quarantine after out of town travel
• Do not attend practice if swimmer or family member are ill.

Family Expectations

• Review these expectations with your swimmer(s)
• Have your swimmer ready for training at designated time
• Pick up your swimmer(s) at designated time
• Ensure hand washing before and after practice 
• Do not send your child to practice if he/she are ill or a family member is ill.
• Be adoptive to unforeseen changes in response to CDC and PCHD guideline changes.

• ***The volunteer expectation of this season will be proctoring entrance and exit of your child’s training session, performing temperature check of that session’s swimmers, address any sanitization of surface areas and most importantly, ensure social distancing of swimmers while on deck.  This will be coordinated through SignupGenius and PPE will be provided.


In-Person meets will take place in the 2nd half of June. The COVID protocols will be dictated by the host team / facility. We will be developing protocols for two Home Meets over the next several days