2021 Practice Calendar

2021 HVAC WAHOOS Registration
Welcome to Wahoo Swim 2021

HVAC Swim Team Training Schedule and Covid Protocols

These are examples of practice times and are very much subject to change based on need. 

Each swimmer will be assigned a training session when they register and this information will be emailed out. 


  1. Signage posting of public health advisories encouraging social distancing and prohibiting symptomatic individuals from entering.

  2. Entrance / Exit procedures: 

  • If your swimmer or anyone in your home is or has been ill STAY HOME!

  • Only swimmers and session volunteer will be allowed to enter. (A Parent or Adult Guardian could enter IF masked and separated by 6 ft in their own lawn chair)

  • Supervised entrance through south gate. 

  • Proceed to the west side of the pool to await direction from the coaching staff.

  • At the conclusion of the training session, swimmers will exit to the east side of the pool to be escorted through the gate for pickup.

  1. Limited facility occupancy

  • Establish appropriate social distancing markings under east ramada.  North ramada will be closed to swimmers.

  • Markings on deck to indicate 6 ft spacing. Social distancing will be enforced by session volunteer allowing the coaching staff to coach.

  • Sanitization of surface areas will be addressed by session volunteer.

  • No Drinking Fountain. Bring your own water bottles  No sharing water bottles or training equipment. Bathrooms for emergency only. Wear swimsuit to and from practice. No changing in the Restrooms Restricted to coach use.

  • Create Covid log to include coach wellness checks, swimmer checks, pool quality, cleaning efforts.

  1. Limited pool occupancy

  •  Age and ability would be considered in the format implemented. 

  • We will limit the number of swimmers in the pool based on social distance guidelines.  Many sessions will have between 8-12 swimmers at a time.

  • Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted, front and back.

Coach Expectations

  • Address Covid log at each session

  • Be clear and consistent about expectations and enforce policies

  • Do not attend practice if ill or family member are ill.

  • Use safe sanitation procedures on entrance/exit to facility

  • Coaches will wear masks when social distancing of 6 feet or more can not be maintained.

  • Appropriate sanitation between session..

  • Avoid contact with swimmers and coaches

  • Perform wellness check prior to practice

  • No Sharing pencils, paper workouts, stopwatches etc. by coaches.

These are examples of practice times and are very much subject to change based on need 

Each swimmer will be assigned a training session when they register and this information will be emailed out. 

Swim Team Week I – II (June1 to June 13)

Possibly modify after 2nd week if needed / possible for Week III – IV

7:45 stretch / dryland

Morning Practice Water Time 8:00-11:30 am TIMES INCLUDE STRETCHING AND DRYLAND

Morning Practice M-F Evening Practice M–Th

Swimmer Expectations

  • Adhere to entrance and exit procedures.

  • Maintain social distancing on deck and in pool.

  • Wash hands prior to practice

  • Do not share equipment

  • Do not share food, drinks or towels

  • Cover sneeze or cough

  • Arrive as close to practice time, exit facility as soon as possible

  • Avoid contact with swimmers or coaches

  • Avoid touching surfaces

  • Consider 14 day self quarantine after out of town travel

  • Do not attend practice if swimmer or family member are ill.

Family Expectations

  • Review these expectations with your swimmer(s)

  • Have your swimmer ready for training at designated time

  • Pick up your swimmer(s) at designated time

  • Ensure hand washing before and after practice 

  • Do not send your child to practice if he/she are ill or a family member is ill.

  • Be adoptive to unforeseen changes in response to CDC and PCHD guideline changes.

***The volunteer expectation of this season will be proctoring entrance and exit of your child’s training session, address any sanitization of surface areas and most importantly, ensure social distancing of swimmers while on deck.  This will be coordinated through SignupGenius and PPE will be provided.

NOTE: All 2021 dates and times are a work in progress. Be sure to check back for the most current updates.