2021 HVAC WAHOOS Registration
Welcome to Wahoo Swim 2021

Swim Meet Volunteer Signup

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Meet Duties – Glossary

Snack Bar – sells good during meet, include set up and breakdown of snack bar depending on shift.

Set Up – Preparing the pool for competition and spectators. Arrive at 4:30 pm prior to home meet. Set up announcer table and shade. Arrange benches along east side of pool. Barricade baby pool with benches and flagging. Set up data entry tables and seating at north ramada. Empty trash cans. Stock toiletries in restrooms. Set up back stroke flags, starting blocks and lane lines.

Starter – official who gives the signal to begin each race. Controls environment around starting environment to ensure fair start.

PREREQUISITE: Stroke and Turn / Starter / Meet Official Training (May 11 @ Udall Pool)

Announcer –  Works in coordination with Starter announcing each race, competitor(s) and sponsors during course of meet.

Head Timer­ – organizes and provides back time for timing crew, coordinate with starter when timers ready. Assign recorder and relay judge for each lane.

Timer – Captures elapsed time of individual or relay race via stopwatch. Records to time card.

Runner / Waterperson – Gathers time card(s) from timers and delivers to data entry table. Supply water to timers as needed during course of meet at south end of pool.

Stroke/TurnJudge/MeetReferee – responsible for presiding over the meet from a neutral point of view. Ensure and enforce SAAA rules for fair competition.

PREREQUISITE: Stroke and Turn / Starter / Meet Official Training (May 11 @ Udall Pool)

Data Entry – Record race results and score even through data entry. Typing swimmer times into computer or reading times to data entry. Ribbons – Affix printer labels to ribbons after each event.

Heat Ribbons­ award heat winners of each event at conclusion of each heat.

Programs / Heat Sheets – Pickup heat sheets from printer. Provide copies to snack bar to sell. Prepare coach and race official copies(10). Prepare timer recording sheets. Post heat sheet on east side of bathhouse.

Clerk of Course – Organize younger swimmers, (10 and under) behind blocks prior to their race.

Clean Up – Restore pool to normal use condition.Replace benches and tables.Break down starter equipment and announcer table. Remove starting blocks, backstroke flags and lane lines. Restock toiletries in restroom. Empty trash and replace liners.

Shade Brigade –Prior to arrival of swimmers, transport and setup ez­ups for meets at AmphiPool.

Relay Shepherds – Escort 8 & under relay swimmers to proper lane and order of swim at Championships.

Seasonal Position Volunteer Signup

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Seasonal Positions – Glossary


Bakers – A team of at least two bakers to provide items to be sold at each home meet. (We ask that you avoid items with frosting).

Pizza orders – This volunteer will pick up pizza order and deliver to pool prior to meet start.

Burrito pickup–Burritos need to be picked up at a location to ­be determined by a volunteer prior to each meet.

Ice pickup – Packs of ice need to be picked up at a nearby McDonald’s prior to each meet.

Salad maker – Prior to each meet, a volunteer is needed to prepare both vegetarian and chicken Caesar salads; and to deliver the salads to the snack bar prior to the meet.

Shifts at the snack bar – Several volunteers are needed for each meet to help with snack bar set up, food prep, food sales and clean up.

Ice cream sellers – During each home meet, volunteers are needed to sell items from an ice cream cart.

Costco runner – Prior to each swim meet, a volunteer is needed to pick up a list of items at Costco, and to deliver the items to the snack bar. Items must be purchased at least two days prior, to allow for time to make salads, cook chicken, etc.

Team Banquet

Banquet Coordinator – Coordinate setup, catering, slide show, awards, clean up

Team gift – oversee collection and distribution to coaches at team banquet

Awards – coordinate with Coach Ed and purchase awards

Championship Party Coordinator – Order and take delivery of pizza for post meet party, coordinate setup and break down.


Team Pictures – assist photographer on picture day collecting order and arranging photo order.

T-­shirt Coordinator–take t­shirt order and distribute tshirts to swimmers and family

Gaslight Theater – take ticket orders and assign seating.